Our goal with Mend the Gap Dancers' Program at Core Fluency Pilates is to help you become a stronger dancer by gaining a deeper understanding of your body through the practice of Classical Pilates. The program is offered at a discounted rate to promote faithful practice so that each dancer can work on breath, flow, and transition as well as strength to prevent injury and speed injury recovery as a means to promote health and prolong your onstage career!

We focus on strengthening the core with specific attention paid to the lower extremities through the use of all Pilate apparatus, while giving you advanced Matwork that can be done offsite without the need for Pilates equipment.

Each dancer will go through an initial postural assessment followed by two private sessions focusing on the specific areas of the body that show signs of imbalance.

After the initial private sessions, both the dancer and program director will discuss future pairings for duets and group classes in order to provide a constant focus on each dancers’ individual needs.

In order to gain the full benefits, it is crucial that each participant maintain a consistent presence with the program director, and an honest assessment of how your body feels during and after a session!

Price list effective August 2018:

Ashley has a keen awareness of the individual needs of her students. She creates a safe, motivating environment. As students, we aim to build on what we know to take on new Pilates challenges. I always leave a class or private session with Ashley feeling like I’ve done something good for my mind and body.
— Student
  • 5-pack, $225. Includes 5 private lessons (first 2 to be used prior to joining a group class). Single privates are $50.
  • Duets, $35. More individualized than a group class, with 1 other student.
  • Group equipment, $20. A group class compliments your individual Pilates practice with 4-6 students per class.
  • Matwork, $12. Open to a group of 5-10 dancers who are looking for an advanced Mat workout.


Program Director Ashley Thursby Kern received her training through Lotus Pilates in Bloomington, IN during her time at Indiana University. She completed her comprehensive Pilates Teacher Certification Program with training based on the original methods of Joseph H. Pilates. Ashley began Pilates at the age of 9 as a supplement to her focus in dance. Once she felt the effects of what Pilates had to offer, she knew that she wanted to learn more so that she could share the benefits of Pilates with others through teaching. Currently an Artist with the Louisville Ballet, Ashley’s passion is to work with moving bodies through Core Fluency’s ‘Mend the Gap’ program. This specialized program for professional and professional track dancers will allow moving artists of all disciplines to improve imbalances within their bodies in their efforts to become a stronger dancer.


Program Associate Kim Root is a dance artist and movement educator based in Louisville, KY. She became involved with Pilates when recovering from a back injury. She soon was hooked, and shortly thereafter began a teacher training program through The Pilates Studio in Seattle which was guided and assessed by Romana Kryzanowska. She completed her training in 1996 and has had the opportunity to teach (and learn) at many different studios around the country. Kim enjoys bringing the breadth of her movement experiences and knowledge into her teaching. As a practiced modern dancer Kim assists with the Dancers' Program at times to share her expertise with young dancers.