Recreate your Health

Core Fluency is a fully-equipped Pilates studio offering private and small group practice in the Classical Pilates method. Our vision is to create world peace, one person at a time, by inspiring and empowering individuals to recreate their health, and to develop fluency in the language of the body.  Schedule a lesson now!

Become a Pilates Teacher at Core Fluency Pilates!  We are  a Host Studio for the prestigious  Pilates Center of Boulder, Colorado.  We mentor students to complete Teacher Training locally, and at a level which best meets their needs: Intermediate, Intermediate Plus, Advanced, Bridging from other Pilates Programs. 

What We Offer

  • Private Lessons

  • Semi-Private Lessons

  • Group Classes

    • Tower/Chair Classes

    • Reformer Classes

    • Joe's Mat Classes

  • Dancer Classes

  • Teacher Training (iTPC)

We cater to all levels, ages, stages and abilities.


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Core Fluency Pilates was one of the first studios nationwide to offer Balanced Body’s Centerline Pilates Equipment, “classical equipment reborn,” designed by Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel, the sisters who have directed The Pilates Center, since 1990. They worked for two years designing this to be the industry's best equipment for performing the classical repertoire. Our Centerline equipment has been newly updated with springs and wheels adding the much desired drag to the classical workout.  Schedule a lesson to workout in this joyful and uplifting space!

Proud to be Green

One of our goals is to inspire stewardship of our bodies, of our neighborhood community, and of our planet. Our studio was founded on and continues to operate based on fundamental green principles. Just as we must care for our breath, we care for our air; just as we are for our feet, we care for our soil; just as we care for our bodies, we care for our ecosystems. Here are the ways we promoted green living in the original creation of Core Fluency Pilates:

  • Our studio's durable Balanced Body equipment is built in an environmentally-sensitive facility of materials that are sustainably harvested. Even the shipping crates of Balanced Body are made of recyclable cardboard.

  • Our installation of a recycled tire/cork floor from Capri Cork means we used no latex, PVC, or other such building materials.

  • Our participation in LG & E's Green Energy Program each month means we financially support renewable energy developers and ensure renewable energy is being generated and delivered onto the electric grid serving Kentucky. 

  • Our creation of optimal air quality means we have Allergy Zone filters on both HVAC and HEPA filters on vacuum.

  • Our studio is recycled from what used to be Fiori’s florist shop in the Clifton neighborhood.

How we practice green living every day:

  • Purchasing Fair Trade, recycled, and/or organic studio products, such as our refillable studio hydration source

  • Reducing our carbon footprint via our use of fluorescent lighting and practice of recycling in the studio

  • Using only green cleaning solution and cloth cleaning wipes for our equipment

  • Practicing Pilates in a studio located in a neighborhood that encourages walking to local businesses

  • Plugging into local businesses in our neighborhood to support, tighten and strengthen our local community