Core Fluency Pilates strongly believes in movement education toward true health. To that end, we offer multiple ways for you to take advantage of all the opportunities for improvement that Pilates can offer. We provide group classes and individual lessons for all experience levels. Not sure where to start? Sign up for a private lesson (or a special package), and we can help you find the right fit for your personal needs!

Private Lessons


One-on-One Instruction in the Pilates Method, individually tailored to a person's needs and goals, and utilizing all the Pilates equipment. Taught by an experienced instructor.  This is where you learn!

Semi-Private Lessons


Instruction in the Pilates Method for two to three persons. Tailored to individual needs and goals, utilizing all the Pilates equipment. Taught by an experienced instructor.  This is where you learn!

Equipment Classes


Small group practice on the Reformer, Low Chair, Spine Correctors, and Tower Units for Pilates practitioners who want to practice with others.  If the private lessons are where you learn, group class is where you practice what you learned, and develop ownership of the exercises.  Classes of up to 5 students are organized by level to appropriately challenge each student.

Joe's Mat Classes


These  classes on the Pilates Mat are for Pilates practitioners who want to learn the Matwork.  These are the original group classes that Joe Pilates taught at Jacob's Pillow in Massachusetts.  The Matwork has a specific order, and the order gets filled out with more advanced exercises as you progress in strength and flexibility through practice of the method.  Class size ranges from 5-10 students.

Instructor Classes

35% off

  • Continuing education for trained instructors

  • Special 35% off regular rates for trained instructors

  • Become a Pilates instructor through our TPC Host Program

  • Teaching Clinic times announced once available


Dancer Classes

$20/class; $180/5

Program designed for young and/or professional dancers.  Our goal is to focus on strengthening the core with specific attention paid to the lower extremities through use of all Pilates apparatus, while giving you advanced matwork that can be done off-site without the need for Pilates equipment.

Prices are for Single/5-pack/10-pack unless otherwise noted. Studio scholarships are available for those in need.


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